Myopia Management

What is Myopia?

Myopia, more commonly referred to as nearsightedness, causes poor long-distance vision. In myopic eyes, the eyeball is either longer than normal, or the cornea is too curved, causing objects far away to appear blurry. Genetics & lifestyle are two factors that can impact myopia!

Myopia Is Trending (but not in a good way!)
In the US, diagnoses of myopia in children have doubled over the course of just a single generation. Researchers are now predicting that by 2050 the incidence of myopia will increase by a further 40% over today’s epidemic-levels of occurrence. This would translate into almost 60 million kids under the age of 17 suffering from myopia.

As parents, it is alarming to see our child’s vision deteriorate every year. Parents who remember getting glasses themselves feared it was just a matter of time before their children needed them too. But the rate and severity of myopia is growing so significantly, that researchers believe there are other contributing factors beyond genetics.

What Are The Risks of Becoming More Myopic?

* Early Age: Myopia progresses faster at an early age, especially if a child is less than 9 years old.
* Myopic Parents: There isn’t a definitive hereditary association, but research has shown that there is a greater risk of myopia development if parents are myopic.
* Prescription Changes: If your child’s prescription makes a large change, myopia will likely continue to change with age.
* More Close Work: 2+ hours per day spent on “close work” (not including school work) can increase the risk of myopia.

Why is Myopia Control Important:

Controlling myopia is important for many reasons but most importantly it reduces the risk of serious eye conditions including:
• Cataracts
• Glaucoma
• Retinal Detachment
• Myopic Maculopathy

Glasses may not be enough. Treatment options include:

* Increased Time Outdoors
* Limited Screen Time
* Specialty Soft Contacts (not traditional)
* Specially Designed Glasses (not traditional single vision glasses)
* Prescription Eye Drops

We’re excited to offer many of the latest options for myopia control. Schedule a consultation to determine which of these treatments is most appropriate for your child!

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